A great oSC17

A conference with great content, and awesome people.

oSC17 is barely over, and my thoughts are already jumping around to the next one! There was some great content, and interesting workshops given. The SUSE academic program was announced, and explained, to the community, while packaging workshops were teaching us the beauty of packaging.

Hernan Schmidt gave a usability presentation which I particularly liked. It was an exemplary presentation, with the right flow, and content.

Again I had the pleasure of being able to volunteer and help out. Along with friends and great volunteers we ran the registration desk – which got insanely crowded on Friday morning; there was some delay there, sorry all, we should do something about it next year!

All this year’s GSoC OSEM Mentors were there, so we had a little meeting of our own, along with our 2 GSoC students, Nasia & Antonis, to discuss some pending items prior to GSoC coding period officially beginning. Still some more on our bucket list though – so we are looking forward for the next opportunity to meet up. Sadly the other GSoC students could not make it to the conference, which is a pity, but we are looking forward to meeting with them as soon as possible!


Another great openSUSE conference is over.

So many new things, beautiful experience, more knowledge