Stella Rouzi (aka differentreality)
16-4-1987 @ Thessaloniki, Greece (Where still living)

I am strongly opinionated and I hate it when people literally waste my time with nonsense.
I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Don’t expect to hear it twice to count on it.

Who am I?

  • Export Manager @ Fevroplast SA
  • Informatics & Telecommunications degree
  • Anatolia graduate


What do I do?

  • Linux Volunteering: SerLUG co-founder, greek openSUSE community supporter
  • IEEE – SB TeiSer (SB Creation & Setup with Loukidis Nikos)
  • Recycling / waste processing / environmental protection:
  • Events planning (mostly FOSS events):
      FOSSCOMM 2010 @ Thessaloniki, Greece
      Actively involved with openSUSE Collaboration Summer Camp 2011 & 2012
  • Extra-curricular activities like debate, impromptu speaking and M.U.N. [But I’ve left all that behind – back at high school :/]


What do I like?

  • Travelling
  • Cooking & Food Tasting
    (Some people call me the cook of Greek openSUSE community! – Rightfully so, I must admit. The truth is I do so much more than that.)
  • Sea & waves bursting on the rocks
  • Sunset in a swing next to palms
  • Margarita (regular or strawberry)

Talk/Write to me in English, German, Italian, French (or Greek of course).

You can find my detailed CV here.

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