It has been an awesome time of 2 weeks that went by so quickly: inspiring, fullfilling, just amazing!
Thanks to all the awesome people in Nuremberg!

First #oSC16 (22-26 June) has been a source of inspiration through the talks presented as well as the people there. Amazing initiatives took place, literally shaping the future of open source through young kids’ involvement. CoderDojo sessions were just what the young generation needs to learn, get involved, and discover the beauty of creating with linux. We don’t need to reach university to start exploring possibilities!
You think 7-15 years old is too young? Think again! German high schools have initiatives about short internships (1-2 weeks) for 14-year-olds. I might have been hesitant before, but I had the pleasure of getting to know a kid that did that at SUSE and despite of the young age he has been amazing at learning what goes around, being interested, being involved in so many different aspects of linux, open source, the conference itself, coding, video recording, you name it and he did it during those 2 weeks! Such a great source of information and mostly hands-on experience.

Volunteering means I get to meet so many interesting people, and this time there were particularly helpful volunteers who went above and beyond to help out, make things happen, solve any issues that came their way, and offer the most pleasant welcoming to visitors of oSC16 as they went past the registration desk 🙂
A BIG THANK YOU goes to all of you for being there!

Coordinating volunteers at oSC16 did not exactly allow me to attend that many talks – but that’s just part of the beauty!
I did make it to some really interesting ones though.

I wish I had that kind of structured information on how to pitch open source to schools and universities a few years back! A very insightful talk by Emiel Brok on how to bring linux to schools with specific structured course of action. I hope there is gonna be more of that in the next conferences!

I always get to see old friends and meet new people at conferences, but this time I am super happy, as in addition to that we had the pleasure to meet in person with many openSUSE GSOC students who attended openSUSE Conference. It is so nice to put real faces to nicknames 🙂

And then after this awesome week of conference, came #HACKWEEK at SUSE office.

A very productive week, coding with friends. I love the kind of cooperation and communication we get for our project, OSEM, during HACKWEEKs, where we are all present. It is a unique opportunity and I am always so much looking forward to doing it again. This time I am double happy as we had even more people that joined us: new friends, new developers for OSEM!

This time the project we worked on was tricky. We are refactoring Questions in OSEM and implementing a survey with custom questions (to be added by organizers) that can be attached to visitors’ registration or after the conference is over (for feedback). We have stumbled upon some difficulties but we are (still) working on it, and we hope we will have it finalized sooner than later!

Meeting so many interesting people, having such a good time!
Happy to have joined! Sad it is over!