Aegean in-flight review


Flight A3 120 ATH->SKG, seat 4F, 1 Nov 2015 18:00

Getting a glass of water prior to take off shouldn’t be that hard. But most important flight attendants should be a bit more helpful to passengers.

I asked for 1 glass of water when I entered the aircraft, there were 2 flight attendants at the entrance, one of which was the one who made all the announcements later on. (Surprisingly none of them had a name tag for the whole duration of the flight!!!)I am a gold star alliance member, so I was one of the very first passengers on board. I was told that I will get it “as soon as possible”. I was sitting in 4F, the 2 flight attendants could even see me from where they were standing (at the entrance of the aircraft, welcoming the passengers). I never got that glass of water, even though the boarding was very smooth and we had to wait for a few minutes before the aircraft could move to take off position.

I had to ask another flight attendant, the one who was offering us candies, for the water. Which, by the way, she did bring to me immediately, and then continued with the candies. That was Miss/Mrs D. and she was not only polite but elegantly fast in her service too.


Flight A3 105 SKG->ATH, seat 5F, 30 Oct 2015, 8:25

We were not offered candies, only Business Class got them! Why Aegean?!